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We are in the midst of an internet shopping revolution. We can order any product at any time using any device we have with us. To top it all off, we can have it sent to us within 90 minutes or less. How has this changed shopping? Why does it become necessary to have access to millions of products at the touch of a button?

This intermediate lesson explores the new and fascinating world of and how online shopping is shaping our every day behaviour.

  • Language level: B1+
  • Aim: To discuss the development of online shopping, consumerism and how business developed around a growing trend.
  • Learner type: Young learners; Teens; Adults
  • Time: 45 – 60 minutes
  • Activities includedDiscussing quotes, conversation questions, presentationimage discussion
  • Topic: Online shopping and consumerism
  • Language: Any (could pre-teach modals to prepare for this lesson)
  • Materials: Text and images

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